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Special badge types

Our special badge types. We have put some special sizes and some really cool effect badges here. We have Metallic badges, Metal flake badges, neon and Lentricular badges. If you want awsome looking badges you have the right category. But if you want the cheapest badge our normal badge category would still be the best for you. Go to our normal badges here

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Matte badges
Starting at €0.06
Metallic badges - best price
Use the badge natural metal for metallic shine
Starting at €0.10
Glitter badges
Våra nya guld- och silverglitterknappar. När wow-effekten är viktig.
Starting at €0.08
Neon badges - best quality
Really bright neon badges. We print on neon material so cover what you dont want neon
Starting at €0.10
Glow in the dark badges
All the white in these badges will glow in the dark
Starting at €0.48
Lenticular Badges
Make cool flip or zoom effects. Very special badge
Starting at €0.48
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